Gay Gaddis Art


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of GayGaddisArt.com, a brand-new website dedicated to Gay’s journey in the world of art. This site is a celebration of the stunning Texas Hill Country, which inspires Gay’s work, and includes an array of online galleries showcasing her paintings available for sale. You’ll also find features like testimonials from notable collectors, an online shop, an exclusive peek into her private art gallery and studio at Fossil Ridge, among other exciting elements.

Linked to the business website we designed for her, this fresh digital space provides art enthusiasts with a deeper dive into her creative pursuits. As Gay’s business continues to evolve, her brand experience has also progressed. Creating a brand that represents Gay’s clean, classical art style guided us in our approach for the website design of Gay Gaddis Art.

Key Metrics

Since launching both websites, Gay has seen an significant increase website visits. We have also curated a digital marketing strategy primarily focused on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to drive traffic to her new websites.

  • Website performance: Users, new users and sessions for both websites are up by 10%. with an increase in total clicks, page views, and impressions. Additionally, bounce rate has dropped by 4%. Most impressively, impressions have increased 85% from the year prior. 
  • LinkedIn: We created a new LinkedIn business profile for Gay in Q1 of 2023, and it continues to grow. We incorporated a LinkedIn newsletter to help drive engagement. By the end of 2023, we have gained over 1000+ followers.
  • YouTube is Gay’s standout platform for 2023. Once we started posting “Shorts,” (videos 60 seconds or less) we witnessed an immediate jump in views (a 4,000% increase in one month!) 
  • Instagram: Reach and engagement are trending well-above the national averages, with our average engagement rate at 15% (average 5.2%) and our average reach at 13%, (the national average is around 12%.)
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