April White | CEO of Trust Relations

In this episode, Daniel and Tricia interview April White, the CEO of Trust Relations, a strategic communications agency. April shares her journey in the PR industry and the pain points that led her to start her own agency. She discusses the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the PR industry and how Trust Relations is redefining the traditional PR paradigm. April explains the role of PR in the marketing mix and how it complements digital marketing efforts. She emphasizes the importance of messaging and branding in PR to build credibility and show, rather than tell, a brand’s value.


  • Diversity and inclusivity are crucial in the PR industry to foster creativity and different perspectives.
  • Virtual agencies and freelance experts can provide flexibility and expertise without the need for expensive office spaces.
  • PR plays a vital role in the marketing mix, complementing digital marketing efforts by building credibility and showcasing a brand’s value.
  • Effective messaging and branding are essential in PR to show, rather than tell, a brand’s value and differentiate it from competitors.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction
03:15 April White’s Background and Journey in PR
06:17 Pain Points in the PR Industry and Trust Relations
09:46 Creating a Diverse and Inclusive PR Agency
12:38 Virtual Agency and Freelance Experts
16:25 Gender Dynamics in the PR Industry
22:02 The Role of PR in the Marketing Mix
23:48 The Complementarity of PR and Digital Marketing
32:57 The Importance of Messaging and Branding in PR