Brie Stockwell | Creative Minds Coach

In this episode, Daniel Bisett and Tricia Ulberg interview Brie Stockwell of the Creative Minds Coach and discuss the importance of having a personal story and building trust with potential clients.

During the conversation, Daniel suggests that having a story on your website about yourself can yield more results for your business because people who lack confidence often have a hard time trusting others. He goes on to say that many of these people lack trust in others and that if they don’t know your story or background, they may view you as just another business trying to sell something. However, if they know your story and background, they will start to build a connection and relationship with you, and this can lead to trust and comfort.

It is important for anyone in a coaching or counseling role to portray themselves as a trusted friend in their marketing efforts. Brie shares her recent discovery enjoying being on camera and making connections with people, and she is doing work on herself to overcome any internal blocks that may be preventing her from doing so.