Gay Gaddis
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Our goal for Gay Gaddis was to redesign her website with a new WordPress theme that reflects best UX/UI practices and SEO. It includes a new art gallery for her painting collections, an extensive, searchable media library to store all content (videos, articles, blog), and new landing pages for her email and social media campaigns.

Tribal Climate Adaption Guidebook


We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Adaptation International to create a nationally-focused Guidebook designed to support Tribal Nations and Tribal adaptation professionals. It directs readers to existing resources, case studies, and opportunities for integrating Local and Traditional Knowledges and Western Science in the adaptation planning process. The Guidebook is designed to support Tribes’ efforts to proactively adapt to climate change and thrive for generations to come.

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Toolwire is a digital learning company that powers workforce optimization and personalized learning at scale with its AI-powered Spaces Learning LXP and Live Lab virtual environments. They came to We Rock DM looking for a new website solution to better organize and represent all of the company offerings, improved UX/UI design and architecture, and new pages to encourage engagement such as white paper offerings and a company blog.

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