Dustin Hayes | Red, White and Bad Ass Brew

In this riveting episode of We Rock DM Amplified, we had the pleasure of hosting Dustin Hayes, the brains behind the Veteran owned & operated business, Red White and Bad Ass Brew. Beyond being just a fantastic coffee brand that supports the worthy nonprofit, Shelter to Soldier, Dustin has navigated the challenges of starting a business as a veteran, honing his marketing strategies and aligning them with his core target market.

We dived deep into the essential topics, from identifying your core target audience to optimizing your content strategy to speak directly to them. Dustin shared his insightful views on why it’s critical to focus on platforms where your core audience is actively engaged, and how to grow other channels later.

His journey is a testament that nothing is given; you have to work hard to earn your wins, both in the world of sports and in your marketing efforts. This episode is a must-listen for those looking to draw inspiration from a business that successfully intertwines passion, purpose, and effective marketing. Join us in amplifying your digital marketing skills with real-life examples from industry leaders.

Don’t miss this episode packed with invaluable insights and narratives of grit and determination. Tune in now!