EllisDocs, a division of Ellis & Associates and JEM, came to us with the challenge to design an app for their lifeguard and water park management services. EllisDocs is the first app-based service to combine task management, record-keeping and accountability. 

App pattern


Ellis docs
Ellisdocs styleguide

EllisDocs Website

The website we developed for EllisDocs features screencasts, informational videos, a user guide, and pricing details. Its aim is to provide a straightforward overview of the app’s functionality.

Ellisdocs website

App & Dashboard

Ipad app

EllisDocs isn’t merely an interface; it is a robust toolkit designed to enhance every facet of document management, record-retention, reporting, and analysis.

Dynamic Reporting: Generate insights that are as actionable as they are accurate.
Tailored Admin Panels: Exercise full control over your document environment.
Flexible Packages: Customizability reflects business’s unique needs and scale.

Watch our screencast for an overview of the EllisDocs dashboard and app: