Pam Hults | We Rock Dm Amplified

Welcome to the latest episode of We Rock DM Amplified! Today, we’re honored to share our conversation with Dustin Hayes, the driving force behind Red, White, and Bad Ass Brew – a coffee venture that embodies the audacious American spirit.

In this episode, Dustin discusses his journey from military service to entrepreneurship, shining a light on the challenges and rewards of starting a business as a veteran. We delve into the essential aspects of building a successful business, such as selecting the right digital marketing agency, identifying a core target market, and shaping a content strategy that resonates with your audience.

Dustin also offers insightful advice on navigating the social media landscape, focusing on where your core target audience is most engaged and understanding that other channels can grow organically over time.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a digital marketing enthusiast, or someone who appreciates an invigorating blend of business insight and social impact, this episode is a must-listen. So tune in, and let’s amplify your business acumen together.