Praxis AI


Praxis AI is an award-winning digital education & research company dedicated to using artificial intelligence to solve many of the world’s toughest problems, including climate change, inequality in education, cancer, hunger, cultural resilience, and global digital transformation.

Since launching the website, Praxis has seen tremendous growth, including being selected into the AWS Education Accelerator program, and being selected as an AI solution for Canvas LXP.

A unique story and design

Praxis AI has big, audacious plans to revolutionize learning and research, and the website design needed to embody that vision.

We designed a unique, visually stimulating website with a nod to the company’s roots in biology, science, and nature, and also innovation, education, and progress. Throughout the site, you’ll see colorful, visually interesting photography and design elements.

A secondary logo was designed for Praxis AI with its chosen mascot, the butterfly, which represents metamorphosis. The wings of the butterfly are made up of geometrical shapes and circles. Circles are used throughout the website design and are inspired by the Praxis butterfly.

Praxis landscape

Performance & Accessibility Features

Praxis lighthouse

Incorporating a high level of accessibility features throughout the website was a top priority for us, ensuring that it meets the requirements of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and AA Accessibility compliance standards.

This is evident in the website’s standout feature, the Accessibility widget, which provides users with a suite of accessibility options, including visual, hearing, and motor options. This feature significantly enhances the user experience for people with disabilities, while also providing all visitors with the ability to customize the website to suit their needs.

Also important in terms of website performance was the website’s Google Lighthouse score in which we hit the “green light” in all four buckets: performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practice criteria. Site’s are “graded” based on four buckets of criteria and rated 0 – 100. The higher the score out of 100, the better.


Praxis AI has won two silver “Stevie” American Business Awards for Achievement in Web Design and Navigation/Structure. Read the awards press release.

Praxis ai amazon

Client Testimonial

We Rock DM is a digital marketing and website design firm known for its unmatched creativity and visual talents. From the get-go, they understood our mission and shared our passion for innovation. They took our unrealistic lofty expectations and transformed them into a groundbreaking digital experience that exceeded even our wildest dreams.

One of the most remarkable innovations that We Rock DM brought to the table was the pioneering of a new animation technology for our home page. This cutting-edge technology immerses our visitors in the world of Praxis AI as soon as they land on our website. It creates a dynamic and engaging environment that sparks curiosity and encourages exploration. But the innovations didn’t stop there. We Rock DM also ensured that our website was accessible to all, regardless of their physical abilities or the devices they used. They incorporated world-class security measures to protect our users’ data and privacy, demonstrating their commitment to our customers’ trust and well-being.

Perhaps most impressively, We Rock DM optimized our website’s performance metrics despite the multitude of animations and interactive features. This is no small feat – balancing layout, variety, visual interest, and load performance is notoriously challenging. Yet, they somehow managed to make every page look unique and captivating, without compromising on speed and responsiveness. As we collaborated with We Rock DM to bring our digital home to life, we discovered that the best part of working with them was their incredible team. Tricia and Daniel, the dynamic duo behind We Rock DM, are not only kind, generous, and talented but also a whole lot of fun! They made the often difficult and stressful process of website design, development, and content creation feel like a joyous adventure.

Throughout the project, their passion and dedication were evident in every aspect of the website – from the intricate details to the overall user experience. They were always eager to explore new ideas, push boundaries, and find innovative solutions to the challenges we faced. And now, as we unveil our fantastic new website to the world, we couldn’t be more thrilled and impressed with the result of our collaboration. Our new digital home is a powerful testament to the innovative spirit that drives both Praxis AI and We Rock DM. It reflects our shared commitment to making learning and research accessible, engaging, and, most importantly, fun! As we continue to grow and evolve, we will rely on We Rock DM for all our digital marketing and website needs. We know that, together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible and create incredible digital experiences that truly make a difference in the world.

David James Clarke, IV – Chief Product Officer
Alex Feltus, Ph.D. – Chief Scientist Officer