Rambler Sparkling Water ~ SMM a Case Study

SEM & SMM Initial Project Goals

Rambler brought us in to do a substantial overhaul of their online marketing strategies to date.

Their key gameplan was to drive foot-traffic to brick-and-mortar stores selling their products like HEB, Whole Foods, 7-11 and many many bars and restaurants in the Central Texas area.

While Rambler continues to utilize our services, this particular project began in June 2021 and ran through August 2021 included:
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Gap Analysis
SEM Consulting
SMM Consulting
Web Design Consulting
UX/UI Consulting
CRM needs-assessment
Automated Marketing System Creation
SMM & SEM Distribution

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Our Results for Q3 2021

Initial Q3 2021 Digital Marketing Campaign Outcomes

In the second quarter of 2021, the Digital Marketing Strategies ran by an earlier agency cost $6036 over a similar period of time.

However, our strategies in the third quarter cost only $4406. This shows a 27% reduction in costs.

26715.38% CTR Increase

Our ads generated 3,500 clicks while the previous agency’s campaigns saw only 13 clicks over a similar period of time.

That’s a 26715.38% increase in link clicks (CTR) that cost less than a fraction of one percent – .27% per click ($1.27 CPC to their $464.35 CPC).

If those aren’t Kick Ass results, we don’t know what are!

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