Tribal Climate Adaption Guidebook

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“Our lands and resources are the basis for our spiritual life. That’s been our way since time began. By preparing for further environmental change, we can mitigate threats to our way of life.”

—Joe Durglo, Former Chairman, Tribal Council of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Adaptation International to create a nationally-focused Guidebook designed to support Tribal Nations and Tribal adaptation professionals. It builds on the foundation of ongoing climate adaptation-related work already happening by Tribal Nations across the US, provides a framework for climate change adaptation planning in the context of Tribal priorities, and directly considers the unique issues facing Indigenous communities. It directs readers to existing resources, case studies, and opportunities for integrating Local and Traditional Knowledges and Western Science in the adaptation planning process. The Guidebook is designed to support Tribes’ efforts to proactively adapt to climate change and thrive for generations to come.

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Much consideration was given into UX/UI design for this website and how to best organize the vast amount of content. The climate change planning approach information is presented in a step-by-step format, supporting adaptation professionals in their climate planning work.

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