We Rock DM Logo & Branding

We rock dm

The challenge.

We searched for the best marketing agency in Austin to help us with the branding strategy for We Rock Digital Marketing (DM). So naturally, we hired ourselves! (Click here to learn more about our story.)

Our goal — to create a branding strategy that would support us across the various digital marketing ventures we are involved with, including our marketing agency, WordPress academy, podcast, and digital marketing efforts. We also wanted to tip our hat to our stomping ground. Because everything bigger (and better) in Austin, Texas.

The name.

Austin, Texas is known as the live music capital of the world. Austin is also known for its fun graffiti murals around the city. Our name “We Rock” is a nod to the culture of the town we call home, and we use famous Austin graffiti murals and art as the backdrop of our marketing materials. Graffiti art also symbolizes creativity, speaking your voice, and creating something new. All things we value in website design and digital marketing, and what we love to rock at our agency.

The W.

The “W” in “We Rock DM and We Rock WP” takes inspiration from a progress chart. It symbolizes growth, an upward trend, momentum, and success. The W also represents WordPress — our chosen platform for the websites we design and what we teach in our academy.

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