We love helping other business owners succeed. So we occasionally host workshops designed to help y’all get a leg-up on the competition. Our upcoming workshops are below, and space is limited!

Kick Ass Business Strategies

Are you launching a new business? Or do you have an existing business in need of a little polishing? We have a little (actually, a lot) of experience in this area, and we’d love to help you launch your dream biz. Because that’s what we’ve done, and it’s awesome.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss a few business basics, including:

  • The first steps needed to establish your business / new biz checklist
  • Company website / why you need one and best practices
  • Best tools and apps for project management, invoicing, time keeping, etc.
  • Branding / the importance of establishing your brand voice
  • Advertising options / what’s best for your biz
  • How to price your services (specifically for consultants or freelancers)

Workshop Schedule

Next class coming soon!

Note: Are you a current or past UT McCombs Digital Marketing Boot Camp student of ours? Contact us for the student discount, you know how to reach us. And if you haven’t taken the boot camp yet, you should consider it!

Fun fact: Over 627,000 new businesses open each year, and around 71% of small businesses have a website.
Having a solid DM strategy for your biz will help you shine brighter than your competitors in the digital marketing universe. And stardom is something we know a little bit about here in Texas.